I Wonder if you CAN, Master Selling from Stage?

Jim Francis Master Speaker Trainer

First. I personally Sell From Stage and have for over 30 years. During that time I have:

  • Sold products from $200 to $25,000. I know how to sell to large and small groups of people.
  • Trained over 300 plus speakers to sell from stage. Both privately and in large seminar organizations. Just a few of the groups i have worked with: Charles Givens Organization, Whitney US, UK and Canada, Legacy Alliance, Profit Strategies Group,  Winters Investment Network, Fortune Financial, Dare to be Rich, Get Motivated, AAREI, and many others.
  • Built domestically and internationally 15 different seminar companies, all multi-million dollar operations.
  • Took my own company from zero to 108 million in 3.5 years.
  • Created a 6 week course to master the 13 key strategies of Selling from Stage.
  • Developed a 2 day “crash course” to improve sales from 20 to 200 percent.
  • Trained over 3000 Sale people in selling techniques.
  • Dozens of Sales Certifications and course completions. Certified PSS-3 Trainer.
  • Dozens of Certifications, in Selling, Leadership, Management, and NLP (Certified Traine)>  Certified by Richard Bandler

What does that mean for you?

I know what it takes to be a successful sales speaker. To Sell from Stage. In addition I know to to teach other that specific skill set. Often doubling their results in a s few short hours. In may materials you will learn how to:

  • Use the 13 Major steps, I call them Commandments, of a GREAT sals and educaitonal program.
  • Build Rapport in minutes, using language, pattern recognition, stories and anchors.
  • Create subconscious agreement with questions, statements and directive actions (you want them to do).
  • Completely destroy objections, long before they become a problem.
  • Instill trust, respect and compliance with 3 proven tacts.
  • 12 plus closing skills. Actually there 101 closes in the package.
  • Script stories  you can use tomorrow in your presentation.
  • Motivate anyone to action. in minutes, by understanding personal values. The 4 Social Styles.
  • Use 25 Language Patterns, the compel the sale and lead people to BUY
  • Insert the BELL technique that links education to selling.
  • Use props, anchors, bonuses to drive sales to the tables. 

What is included?

YES! I Want to start immediately…

Mastering the skill of Selling from Stage. I shall receive:

Module #1: Controlling the Environment …. $ 199.00

Module #2: Building Instant Rapport ……… $ 199.00

Module #3: Gain Permission to Sell ………… $ 199.00

Module #4: Establishing Agreement Frames $ 199.00

Module #5: Conditioning Specific Response  $ 199.00

Module #6: Directing the Audience ………… $ 199.00

Module #7: Using Body Language …………..  $ 199.00

Module #8: Future Pacing the Decision ……. $ 199.00

Module #9: Leveraging Society Pressures …. $ 199.00

Module #10: Manage Group Behaviors ……..  $ 199.00

Module #11: Creating Repetitive Themes …..  $ 199.00

Module #12: Using Stories to Sell …………….. $ 199.00

Module #13: Closing the Sale ………………….. $ 199.00

DVD of Selling from Stage………………………. $ 299.00

Sales Code: Complete Selling System ……….. $ 495.00

Total Selling from Stage System $ 3377.00

Today $ 2,997.00


Plus if you ACT Today. Receive an additional $2000 plus of VALUE for FREE NOW!

Bonus # 1: 101 Closing Techniques. 2 hours of video, audio and PP presentation copy. $497 Value. 

Bonus # 2: My personal power point presentations for dealing with objections. Spouse, Time, Money, Fear and I will do it myself. $997 Value

Bonus # 3: GicMa Cards. Brand NEW. 54 playing cards with scripts, hypnotic language patterns, embedded commands, and even social styles considerations. $97 Value

Bonus # 4: Curriculum Design. Fresh of the press. This is something I rarely share, and folks have paid me huge amounts of money to let them in the secret. But how do you build a preview or 3 day workshop. I show you the 40 plus steps in a preview (2 hour pitch) and the critical elements in building a workshop. The 7 key steps that must be in every 1 or 2 hour module. $497 Value

Bonus # 5. Membership Site. 300 plus existing strategies, concepts, ideas, and closings. Plus 3 new ones (and old ones) each week. Keep the saw sharp with winning strategies each week. $997 per year. All yours if you act before Friday Midnight!

Take Action Today! 

PS: For those of you whom are truly committed to mastering Selling From Stage. You might be interested in my personal mentorship and coaching program for speakers. $14,997. 3 days of intensive review. One year of support support. Occasionally, I do a discount. Contact me directly, jim@jimfrancis.com